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How to Reduce Knee Swelling from Arthritis

How to Reduce Knee Swelling from Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition which is well known for its pain, swelling and discomfort. The three common form of arthritis that may affect the knee joint are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and post-traumatic arthritis. People suffering from knee swelling find it difficult to bend and straighten their knee. Such swelling can also affect their daily activities. Usually anti-inflammatory medication is used to reduce the joint swelling, but these types of medicines can also cause many side effects such as upset stomach, ulcers or internal bleeding etc. So, first of all, you must consult with your doctor to get an appropriate treatment. There are several things that you can do at home to get rid of your knee swelling from arthritis. Here are some simple remedies and tips on how to reduce knee swelling from arthritis.

How to Reduce Knee Swelling from Arthritis

One of the safest, easiest and the best way to reduce knee swelling from arthritis is to use heat and cold therapy. Heat therapy helps soothe tired muscles while on the other hand; use of cold therapy is an effective way to reduce swelling. For heat therapy, one can use hot baths, heating pads or hot packs etc. For cold therapy, you can use an ice pack or just soak the affected area in cold water.

Another best remedy for swollen knee from arthritis is to make a regular exercise routine. Exercises helps strengthen the leg muscles and also helps maintain a healthy weight. So consult with a physical therapist, he will help you to make a good exercise regimen. Usually, aqua aerobics, yoga and gentle stretching types of exercises are good for reducing pain and improving function.

You can also use herbs to get relief from knee pain and swelling due to arthritis. You can use turmeric for this purpose. The presence of a compound known as curcumin, make turmeric an excellent anti-inflammatory remedy for swollen knee. A recommended dose for knee swelling is 1 to 3 grams daily. You can also take it in the form of capsules. Consult your physician before taking it.

Here are two great home remedies for you:

Apple cider vinegar and honey for Knee Swelling

Make a mixture by combining two teaspoons of honey with the same quantity of apple cider vinegar. Mix this mixture in a glass of water. Drink it trice daily.

Cinnamon and honey for knee swelling

Combine ½ spoon of cinnamon with two spoons of honey to form a thick mixture. Apply this mix over the affected site.

Use the above given remedies and tips on how to reduce knee swelling from arthritis. Lastly, pay a visit to a doctor to get an expert advice.

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